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San Francisco [US] - 2 prototype trolleys in revenue service as network changes are planned

K. Budach - 04.11.15

The first two next generation trolleybuses have already been in regular service for several weeks, completing rigorous trials before the series delivery of the remaining 58 vehicles will commence. The next batch of new articulated trolleys is therefore likely to arrive as of summer 2016 and onwards. No decisions have yet been made with regards to the contractual options for the procurement of additional trolleybuses.

Meanwhile, the first steps have been taken to accelerate the timetable on several trolleybus routes, including lines 5, 14 and 22. This speed-up will not only improve passenger convenience but also improve operational efficiency and help rationalize certain deployment patterns. Measures to improve pedestrian safety at cross-walks are also being implemented. These plans were first presented to the public by the local authority SFMTA in September 2015.

Other ongoing improvement initiatives concern the upgrade of lines 30 and 33. In order to boost passenger numbers on the latter, a re-routing away from Potrero Avenue and onto 16th Street as well as 18th Street is foreseen.

One of the two new prototype trolleys is seen, as it leaves the Portero Avenue depot: Photo: Peter Ehrlich

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