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Gdynia [PL] - Solaris makes it 1001 Trollinos by delivering special unit to Gdynia

K. Budach - 25.05.15

Following the delivery of the 1000th Solaris Trollino to Salzburg, the 1001st such trolleybus from the production halls of the Polish bus builder was delivered to the port city of Gdynia on 24 April 2015 and ceremoniously handed over to local officials. Specifically, the single unit is of the Trollino type 12.

Already before the festive handover to the municipal operator PKT took place, trial runs had commenced on the local network. These tests focused on the off-wire performance of the new trolleys, as all of the units are fitted with lithium-ion batteries, allowing for 15 km of range extension beyond the catenary. The batteries are recharged during regular operations under the wires and additionally re-loaded during nighttime maintenance at the depot. The new trolleybuses are especially required for the extension of line 21 to the aquarium, which is not yet fitted with power lines. Revenue services on this extension officially started on 1 May 2015.

That same day, historic trolleybuses resumed operations on the purposefully established heritage line 326. These public services will continue to run every weekend until October.

Generally, PKT Gdynia is a longtime Solaris client and took delivery of its very first Trollino type 12 in 2001. A further 53 such vehicles have been delivered to the city since then. In 2014, the operator received the prestigious RegioStars Award from the European Commission, in recognition of its environmentally-friendly public transport services.

The formal handover of the 1001st Solaris Trollino to PKT Gdynia. Photo: Michał Stodolski. (Solaris press picture)

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