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Luzern [CH] - Tender for 4 new articulated trolleybuses for future line 3

J. Lehmann - 04.05.15

On 4 April 2015, the municipal operator VBL issued a Europe-wide tender for 4 new articulated trolleybuses, including an option for two additional units. The vehicles are to be delivered between 3 October and 5 December 2016 and are destined for use on the new trolleybus line 3, which will start services in December 2016 in order to relieve the pressure on the existing trolley routes 1 and 2 between Kriens and Emmenbr├╝cke. Concurrently, VBL has also issued a joint tender with the Biel public transport company VB/TPB for 42 new diesel buses, including options for 58 more vehicles, of which 12 + 4 would be hybrids.

For the re-introduction of trolleybuses on the Luzern line 2, the use of double-articulated units is presently being evaluated. Should VBL decide to implement this plan, it could make use of its 2013 framework contract with the Swiss bus builder Hess, which includes two different options for a total of 8-10 double-articulated trolleys. These options are valid until 31 July 2016 and 31 July 2020, respectively. Should these long buses enter the local fleet, a second trolleybus depot will need to be built. VBL is therefore considering the possibility of a new facility in Ebikon.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

As of late 2016, trolleybuses are scheduled to return to line 2. Due to extensive road works, electric services previously had to be suspended on this corridor in late February 2014. Since then only diesel units have run there. On 22 August 2013, the SwissTrolley 222 is still seen in regular service on line 2, en route from Emmenbr├╝cke to Luzern. Photo: J. Lehmann

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