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Plzen [CZ] - Contract for 30 new single units awarded

K. Budach - 20.04.15

Skoda Electric will produce the 30 new single units which were put up for tender by the municipal operator PMDP in November 2014. The delivery of the vehicles is to take place between 2015 and 2017. 12 buses will be fitted without any kind of auxiliary drive, while 18 units will be equipped with a diesel-electric back-up motor. The bus bodies will be produced by Solaris in Poland.

Once these newest type 26Tr trolleys enter revenue service in Plzen, they will replace the 15 older 14Tr buses dating from 1987-1991, as well as the 18 type 21Tr. The latter were built between 2001 and 2004 and at the time were the very first low-floor trolleys in the city. Once all of the new 26Tr have been delivered, the Plzen trolleybus fleet will consist of 84 units. Already now, 10 type 26Tr buses (531-534 and 545-550) are in revenue service.

Even the first generation of low-floor trolleybuses in Plzen will be withdrawn during the next two years, after 13 to 16 years in regular service. In August 2001, one of these type 21Tr units is seen shortly after delivery. Photo: Dirk Budach

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