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Ostrava [CZ] - First new trolley on trial

K. Budach - 06.04.15

As previously reported, the municipal operator in Ostrava awarded a contract for the delivery of 12 new trolleybuses to Skoda Electric. These type 26Tr and 27Tr vehicles include bus bodies built by Solaris and are all fitted with powerful batteries for off-wire range extension.

The first of these new units has now already been manufactured and recently completed trials on the urban network in Plzen. The single unit is due for delivery to Ostrava in May 2015, with the new articulated trolleybuses that are also part of the order to follow soon afterwards. Presently, the articulated trolleys have also started the test phase in Plzen.

On 26 March 2015, the first of the 12 new trolleybuses for Ostrava is seen during trials on line 11 in Plzen. Photo: Zdeněk Kresa

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