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Budapest [HU] - Extensive fleet renewal

J. Lehmann - 27.04.15

In April 2015, the first 2 of 14 single and 10 articulated units destined for the Hungarian capital were outshopped by the Polish bus builder Solaris and transferred to Skoda Electric in Plzen for final fitting of the traction equipment. Once the vehicles will have completed trials and testing in the Czech Republic, their delivery to Budapest is expected to commence in the summer. Depending on available funding, up to 84 such trolleybuses could be procured as part of the contract.

In order to replace the circa 75 Ikarus 280T trolleys, which are up to 28-years old, the newer diesel buses of the Ikarus 412 type are being overhauled and fitted with electrical equipment from withdrawn 280Ts. The first such rebuild has already completed trials and been designated as Nr. 720 as of spring 2015.
(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

Converted from diesel to trolleybus, Nr. 720 is seen during trials on the BKV network. Photo: Bori Tamas Adam

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