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San Francisco [US] - End of the articulated Flyer trolleys

K. Budach - 09.03.15

Although one third of all the articulated Flyer trolleys originally dating from the early 1990s was withdrawn in 2012, the other 40 vehicles were still expected to remain in active service on the MUNI network for several years. As part of that plan, the buses 7001, 7003, 7005, 7007, 7009-13, 7015, 7017-22, 7028, 7030-35, 7038, 7040, 7041, 7043-46, 7049 and 7051-59 were thoroughly overhauled. With the exception of 7031, all of these units also got a new coat of paint to reflect the latest corporate identity. Contrary to the original plan and due to continued technical problems, all of the articulated Flyers however had to be retired from service as of 9 January 2015. This wholesale withdrawal now only leaves the 33 Skoda/ETI trolleys dating from 2000-2003 in revenue service.

When originally procured between 1992 and 1994, the 7000-7059 series of Flyers marked the first time MUNI went for articulated buses. Until the next generation of 60 New Flyer/Vossloh Kiepe XT 60 articulated trolleys are delivered to San Francisco in early 2016, this leaves certain holes in the fleet. In order to cover for the shortage of higher capacity, articulated buses on the long and busy line 14, single units had to be pressed into service as a stopgap measure.
(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

In August 1999, the articulated unit 7012 is seen in its original livery on the central traffic artery Market Street in San Francisco. Together with all of the other remaining articulated Flyers, this trolleybus was withdrawn from service in late 2014, early 2015. Photo: Dirk Budach

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