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Usti nad Labem [CZ] - First new 3x-Trolleybuses on trials

K. Budach - 09.03.15

The first of 16 new six-wheel trolleybuses of the 28Tr type has been tested in Plzen by Skoda Electric. On 9 February 2015, the XL single unit completed trials on the West Bohemian network ahead of its expected delivery to Usti nad Labem. Until June 2015, no less than 10 of these three-axle buses are slated to be handed over, with the entire series scheduled to be in revenue service by the end of the year. Until June, the remaining 4 articulated 27Tr from Skoda are also due to arrive in Usti, after the first 6 of these new trolleybuses were previously delivered in autumn 2014. Once again it is expected that prominent athletes will help baptize the vehicles in specially organized ceremonies.

As part of the fleet modernization process, the old trolleybuses 501, 507, 508, 510, 523 and 530 have been withdrawn. Additionally, the Skoda 15Tr trolleys 505, 506, 517, 527, 535 and 537 were retired in early 2015.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

The first new six-wheeler destined for Usti nad Labem is seen on trials in Plzen. Photo: Zdeněk Kresa