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Nampho [KP] - Hardly any traffic

K. Budach - 16.02.15

In Nampho, which is located about 50 km southwest of the North Korean capital Pyongyang, trolleybus operations have been reduced to an irregular minimum.If at all, the trolleys only run on weekdays.

The entire network consists of a 5.7 km long trunk line that runs through the city center, leading from the northeast to the municipal stadium in the west. There is also one branch off the trunk, a 3.3 km long overland route serving the suburbs to the southwest. The branch line, however, has been disused since 2011 and appears, at least temporarily, abandoned. The catenary is no longer powered or actively tensioned.

About 15 single units remain in the city and are stored outdoors at the balloon loop terminus by the stadium. As there is no depot, the vehicles probably need to be dragged to a local garage in case of repairs or running maintenance.

(Based on infos kindly provided by Daniel Möschke.)

These images from 2011 show the disused trolleybus branch line in the southwest of the city, near the local salt fields. Notice the catenary without tensioning. Photos: Daniel Möschke