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Athen [GR] - Service changes after line 13 is discontinued

K. Budach - 12.01.15

In autumn 2014, the urban trolleybus network had to be recast after line 13 Lamrini - Pl.Kaniggos - Neo Psychiko was discontinued. A part of that route is now covered by line 3, which largely runs parallel to the old alignment of line 13 and therefore has been extended to terminate at Neo Psychiko instead of Girokomeio. In order to boost the service quality on line 3 and cover for what used to be provided by line 13, the hourly frequency has been raised from 6 to 7 buses during peak times and from 5 to 6 during daytime.

As part of these general readjustments, line 14 now terminates at Girokomeio. Buses on this route continue to run un-changed 7 times an hour in the morning and 5-6 times during daytime. In lieu of line 13, line 14 now serves Lamprini, together with line 5.

Furthermore, line 21 once again terminates at the centrally located Omonia Square in the city center, instead of at Zappeio. All in all, the Greek capital is now served by 19 total trolleybus lines, which includes 1-6, 10-12, 14-21, 24 and 25. On a week day, 190 vehicles are required to cover all diagrams. A total of 280 trolleys are kept in operating condition.

No progress can be reported on passenger services over the third electrified line to the neighboring city Piraeus, which was already completed in 2013. The roughly 7.5 km long electrified route along the busy Piraeus Avenue and Leof. Athinon Pireos is still without revenue service and only used by buses on positioning runs to and from the modern Rouf depot.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

Still in service on the now discontinued line 13, the Neoplan/Elbo N6216/Vossloh Kiepe trolleybus Nr. 8054 is seen in the city center near Omonia Square. Photo: Dirk Budach

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