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Guadalajara [MX] - Acquisition of new DINA trolleybuses and temporary service suspension

K. Budach - 09.03.15

After failed attempts to modernize old equipment in 2011, the local bus operator Sistecozome decided to purchase new, modern vehicles. Following trials with a prototype, 25 low-floor trolleybuses of the DINA type Ridder E were ordered. The first 20 buses of this series have already been delivered and were presented to the press in late January 2015. These single units are 12 m long, 2.55 m wide and entirely in red. Inside they offer 40 seats plus 70 standing places.

The launch of the new vehicles into revenue service, however, will only take place in August or September 2015, after the local power supply system has also been modernized and adapted for greater reliability and stability. As part of this temporary service suspension, all of the 31 old trolleybuses were withdrawn as of 30 January. Initially, they have been stored at the depot, but their fate is uncertain at this point. After 30 years of active use, the vehicles are not only in poor condition but also well beyond their expected life-cycle. Until the overhaul of the power system is completed, borrowed diesel buses will run all of the public transport services.

The two electrified lines 400 and 500 are all that remain from a once much more expansive trolleybus network. They have a length of 9.1 km (line 400) and 10.2 km (500) respectively. Each year about 5 million passengers use the trolleybus service in the city.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

The first new trolleybus in Gudalajara. Press photo: DINA

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