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Bratislava [SK] - Delivery of 120 trolleybuses has started

J. Lehmann - 02.02.15

As of early 2015, 20 of the 50 articulated trolleys ordered from the Czech consortium of SOR and Skoda were in revenue service in the Slovak capital. The first batch of the series, numbered 6801-6807, has already been successfully operating since September 2014. In December, 6808-6819, 6821 and 6829 followed. From the 30 single units that are presently being delivered, 15 vehicles (6001-15) are running without an auxiliary diesel drive and merely 6101 is fitted with a back-up motor. Correspondingly, it is often deployed on line 32, which has significant stretches that are off the wires between the railway station and the Kuklovska settlement.

As a result of the new trolleys entering squadron service, the older Skoda 15Tr series has been completely withdrawn. From these articulated units originally produced in 1990, 6601, 6602, 6604-6607, 6609-10, 6613-15 were retired in December 2014, whereas 6603, 6608, 6611-12 had already been taken out of service in 2012/13. Merely 6607 is likely to be preserved as a historic bus.

In early January 2015, the new trolleys 6820, 6822-24, 6827-28, 6839 were formally launched, with 6825, 6833-38, 6840-6845 following during the last week of the month. As of now, 40 of the new articulated trolleys are in use. Since 1 February 2015, the timetables for all trolleybus services in Bratislava were re-cast and the most modern low-floor units are now used on specially designated circuits that are prominently marked in the timetable.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

In January 2015, the new SOR/Skoda type 31Tr low-floor units were deployed on line 33, at a time when only 3 of the 6 previously delivered 25Tr buses (6701, 6705-06) were serviceable. Since the newest 31 Tr trolleys are not equipped with an auxiliary diesel drive, they need to be dragged to and from the depot twice a day. Photo: Matej Kavack√Ĺ /, see

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