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Mexico City (Ciudad de Mexico) [MX] - Efforts to maintain and modernize the service

K. Budach - 30.03.15

The Trolleybus and Light Rail network of Mexico City is operated by Servicio de Transportes Eléctricos del DF. The summary of a visit in January 2015:

The rolling stock of the Trolleybus network consists (status 2014) of the following fleet:

- New Flyer (1975 built, ex Edmonton 1987), 3200 Series: 4
- MASA (Mexicana de Autobuses, S.A.) Toshiba (1981 build), 4200 Series: 33
- MASA Toshiba (1984 built), 4300 Series: 49
- MASA Toshiba (1984 built), 4400 Series: 36
- MASA Mitsubishi Fuso (1984-1988 built), 4700 Series: 19
- MASA Kiepe (1990 built), 7000 Series: 9
- MASA Mitsubishi Fuso (1997 - 1999 built), 9700 - 9800 Series: 189

There are further trolleybuses which are (temporarily) out of order, parked in the depots. These include several Marmon-Herrington (ex US) and even one of the Japanese trolleybuses (ex Kurobe Dam) still survives. The operating fleet which is totalling 339 trolleybuses, serves eight lines. However, STE is lacking financial and political support and is being challenged by the privately and government-funded Bus Rapid Transit systems. The youngest trolleybuses date from 1999 and in past few years operation was stopped on several trolleybus lines due to lack of funds. The only modern DINA low-floor trolleybus prototype was given back to the manufacturer and will be part of the series of 25 trolleybuses ordered by Guadalajara. Despite the challenging economic situation, the engaged and well trained STE staff is assuring the quality of the fleet and operation to the satisfaction of Mexico City’s population.

Currently there are three trolleybus depots in operation which are: Tetepilco, El Rosario and San Juan de Aragón. STE operates a fourth depot in Huipulco which is only used by the so-called Tren Ligero, the last remaining light rail/ fast tram line of Mexico City.

Alongside the operating fleet in Tetepilco, there are several Marmon Herrington trolleybuses as well a trolleybus and tram museum with several restored vehicles. The museum is opened on weekdays from 9h00 – 16h00. The entrance is free. The exact address can be retrieved from the following official STE website.

Text by Luis González

1) Brill trolleybus of 1937 (ex Shreveport 1966) in the trolleybus and tramway museum in Tetepilco, Mexico.
2) 34 years old MASA Toshiba Trolleybus, freshly renovated, in Tetepilco depot
3) One of 189 operating MASA Mitsubishi trolleybuses from 1999 in Tetepilco depot.

Alle pictures by: Luis González

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