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Zlin [CZ] - New trolleybuses arrive and electrification reaches the university

J. Lehmann - 22.12.14

Coinciding with the timetable change in early December, public services started on the first extension of the trolleybus network in 14 years. Now trolleys can run from the central bus hub at the sports center along Antoninova Street to a new terminus at the Tomas Bata University. The 500 m extension, which provides greater connectivity to the campus, was completed in November 2014. The route is now served by lines 11 and 12.

In December 2014, the last 5 trolleybuses from a previous order of 25 new vehicles also arrived in Zlin. These have been produced by Skoda in conjunction with either Iveco or Solaris. Specifically they are one Skoda/Iveco 24Tr single unit with an auxiliary diesel drive (Nr. 220), an articulated Skoda/Iveco 25Tr with a back-up diesel (Nr. 413), a Skoda/Solaris 26 Tr single unit (Nr. 254) and two Skoda/Solaris 27Tr (Nr. 460/461). These new vehicles have released several older buses, which are now for sale. The Skoda 14Tr single unit 169 and 15Tr articulated trolleys 356, 360, 362 and 363 have already been sold to Zhitomir, while 345, 352, 353, 354, 355 and 358 have gone to Ternopil. In both of these Ukrainian cities, the cascaded Czech buses will help lower the average age of the local fleet.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

On 4 December 2014, the last Skoda 24Tr single unit is still seen during trials at the manufacturerÂ’s base in Plzen, while several days later on 12 December 2014, one of the 27Tr articulated buses is already in action on the streets of Zlin. Photos: Jan Masek

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