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Nalchik/Naltschik [RU] - 10 new low-floor trolleybuses with batteries

J. Lehmann - 13.04.15

The first of 10 new Trolza type 5265 "Megapolis" trolleys arrived in the capital city of the Russian Kabardino-Balkar Republic in mid October 2014. Numbered as 120-129, the units participated in a local bus parade on 15 December, before successively entering revenue service by March 2015.

The new trolleybuses are all fitted with lithium-ion batteries in order to extend their range beyond the catenary. With these powerful battery packs the buses can run as far as 50 km. This makes them more independent from local power outages and allows them to serve neighboring communities that previously were not connected to the trolleybus network. Two such examples are the towns of Shalushka und Nartan, each located some 7 km from the city center of Nalchik.

On 22 March 2015, the new Trolza low-floor trolley 129 is seen in regular service on line 4. Photo: Ivan (IVAN3560,

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