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Sarajevo [BA] - Renewal required

K. Budach - 29.12.14

Presently the trolleybus network in the Bosnian capital is in serious need of modernization. Of the pre-used, three-axle units which were taken over from Solingen in 1997, only 12 (4403, 4406, 4413, 4414, 4416, 4417, 4418, 4422, 4424, 4428, 4429, 4430) were operational as of September 2014. From the 5 articulated trolleys supplied by the German city to Sarajevo from 2004 -2006, only 5 (4127, 4128, 4137, 4142, 4144) were recently serviceable. Countless other vehicles have had to be withdrawn and used as spare parts donors. Of the former St. Gallen units, only 8 of the 17 articulated trolleys were fit to run, these being 4145, 4146, 4148, 4149, 4150, 4153, 4156 and 4158. The older Skoda 21Tr 4301 and 4302 were found in derelict condition, as was the former Esslingen single unit 4410 (ex Esslingen No. 205).

Even those German trolleys which are still in running order, are on their last legs and with an age between 27-30 years have reached the end of their life-cycle. It is only thanks to substantial tinkering and a real improvisational knack by the local maintenance crews that these vehicles are still in revenue service.

On the infrastructure side of things, structural improvements and general investments into the power lines will also be necessary, in order to boost operational reliability and resilience. During a recent visit, lines 102, 103 and 107 were observed as running with electric buses.

With thanks to the publishers of BLICKPUNKT STRASSENBAHN for their detailed information, which has contributed to the compilation of this news report.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

The former Solingen MAN SL172HO/Kiepe three-axle unit Nr. 63 was built in 1987 and has been running in Sarajevo as 4406 since 1997. In this picture the bus is seen in service on line 102. Photo: Thomas Fischer

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