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Maikop [RU] - Trolza 5265 low-floor trolleybus

J. Lehmann - 15.12.14

On 9 October 2014, the municipal operator in Maikop launched a type 5265 „Megapolis“ trolleybus supplied by the Russian producer Trolza. The vehicle is to be tested for 6 months. The articulated unit is fitted with a battery pack, allowing it to run up to 40 km off the wires. Previously the bus was on trials in Stavropol, where it had been numbered as 255. In Maikop the trolley is now classified as Nr. 125 and deployed on the new line 4 B, which runs from the western terminus of line 4 along Mikhailov Street in order to serve a primarily residential area. This part of town was previously was cut off from the electrified trolleybus network because of a railway crossing, but has now been linked up thanks to the battery capability of the new vehicle.

As part of the overdue renewal of the local fleet, Trolza supplied a further two partially low-floor trolleybuses to Maikop in November 2014. These two vehicles of the type 5275.03 “Optima” have been numbered as 126 and 127 and are already in revenue service. The whole fleet consists of 38 trolleys, most of which are the older ZiU 682 model dating from 1984-1994. In total, 11 different trolleybus lines are operated on the 50.1 km long network.

The oldest trolleybus in Maikop is Nr. 69 with 30 years of age. On 5 August 2012, it is seen in running on line 4. 3 years prior to that, the bus was completely overhauled. Photo: Igor Bukatin

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