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Brasov [RO] - New home for 30-year old trolleys

J. Lehmann - 17.11.14

The municipal operator R.A.T. (Regia Autonoma de Transport Brasov) has now acquired several Swiss-built trolleybuses that were already sold-off to Romania a few years ago. These articulated FBW/Hess/BBC-SAAS units had originally entered service in Neuchatel in 1983/84 and were superseded by the newer SwissTrolleys 131-150 in 2010/2011. After their cascade to Romania, the Neuchatel buses did not find immediate use and instead were mothballed at a dealer’s yard in Sibiu. In Brasov, these tolleybuses will now replace the last of the 1970s vintage FBW/R&J/SAAS trolleys previously acquired from Bern in 2006. Presently the whole trolleybus fleet in Brasov is only made up of older units acquired second-hand from either Switzerland or France. All of the articulated trolleys acquired in 2008 from Biel as well as half of the single units taken over from St Etienne and Limoges in 2012 are still operational. The articulated Volvo/R&J/BBC vehicles date from 1985, while the latter French buses are from 1989. All of these units are used to operate 8 different trolleybus lines in Brasov, although just one of them features an intensive service, with most of the other routes being operated only on hourly or half-hourly intervals. This means that lines 3, 5b, 7, 10, 11, 30 and 33 require but one trolleybus to run the circuit.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

Numbered as 123 and 130 in Brasov, the former Neuchatel trolleys 164 and 171 are seen in revenue service on line 8. Photo: Dave Chick

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