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trolley:planung - Amsterdam plans the introduction of trolleybuses

J. Lehmann - 22.12.14

According to interview statements made by Alexandra van Huffelen, Managing Director of the local public transport operator GVB, trolleybuses are to partially replace the articulated diesel buses by 2017. The withdrawal of 40 diesel units will become necessary that year and in order to protect the environment and reduce emissions, electric buses are to fill the void. The plan of the local authorities foresees the new trolleybuses using the existing tram paths for a part of the way, thereby making the mounting of trolley wires technically easier and less expensive. Off the catenary and for operations on most of the existing bus network, the e-buses shall then run on battery power.

In order to realize this project, Amsterdam plans to closely cooperate with the Dutch trolleybus city Arnhem as well as the German cities Solingen, Krefeld, Osnabrück and Düsseldorf under the umbrella of the new EU project “Trolley 2.0”.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

In Arnhem, the newest trolleybuses successfully re-charge their battery packs while running under the wires. Will these vehicles soon also operate in Amsterdam? Photo: J. Lehmann, 23.06.2014

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