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Galati [RO] - Expansion of electric public transport planned

J. Lehmann - 11.05.15

A recently commissioned study recommends the continued development of electrically-powered public transport in this eastern Romanian city on the Danube. Aside from the extension of the local light rail network, which presently consists of 4 tram lines with all-day services, the significant enlargement of the trolleybus system is also proposed. Both measures are to be implemented using loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), EU funding as well as money from the city budget. As part of the initiative, 14 new trolleybuses are to be acquired. Presently, the only two trolleybus lines 102 (9-10 minute headway) and 104 (30-minute interval) run over much of the same alignment, using merely 13 single units.


10 new MAZ/Eton trolleybuses were launched in Galati in 2008. On 24 April 2012, unit 1404 is seen in service on line 102. Photo: Hugo Richter

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