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Kimchaek [KP] - Operations ceased

K. Budach - 23.02.15

Already during a visit in 2011, no signs of an active trolleybus service were evident in this North Korean port city on the Sea of Japan. The technical installations appeared neglected.

The local line originally ran along a principal road through the city center and then northwards to Sinpyong, terminating at a railway station. The depot was located slightly to the west of the line, at about the center point of the electrified corridor. 5 single units were once used to run all services. According to unconfirmed sources, operations had to be discontinued due to the lack of functioning vehicles; supposedly only two derelict, cannibalized trolleybuses are still in the city.

(Information kindly provided by Daniel Möschke)

Route map 2011, Author: Daniel Möschke