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Sao Paulo (SPT) [BR] - Technical upgrades for trolleybuses

K. Budach - 10.11.14

Following the refit of 100 three-axle trolleybuses with left-sided doors, SP Trans is now already planning numerous other technical adjustments for these modern units that are less than two years old. The vehicles are to be fitted with free WIFI for the benefit of passengers as well as for use by maintenance crews for distance diagnostics and adjustments to the traction electronics. The first buses to have been adapted were 4 1595 and 4 1550.

In order to retrofit the entire trolleybus fleet with pneumatically adjusted trolley poles, an initial test phase has now been launched. The new poles will be made of fiberoptic glass. The older Marcopolo unit 700, which is mainly used for driver training, has been the first bus to receive this kind of equipment from the Brazilian company Industrial Eletra. Nr. 700 was withdrawn from revenue service in 2012, after previously running under the numbers 4 1568 and 68 7577. The bus body dates from 1994 whereas the electrical equipment is even older and was taken second-hand from vehicles of 1970s and 80s vintage. Since 2013, all of the older Marcopolo buses have been replaced by modern low-floor trolleys.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

Nr. 700 is the test-bed vehicle for the new pneumatically adjusted trolley poles. In October 2014, the vehicle is seen in front of the Tatupé depot. Photo: Samuel Tuzi