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Budapest [HU] - 108 new trolleybuses on order!

J. Lehmann - 01.12.14

According to an announcement published in the EU Official Journal on 25 November 2014, the Polish/Czech consortium of Solaris Bus & Coach and Skoda Electric has won the order for the delivery of 14 single and 10 articulated trolleybuses. The procurement contract includes options for 84 additional vehicles. The new trolleys are to be delivered starting in June 2015. The fleet modernization program is being supported by EU subsidies to the tune of 3,4 billion HUF. All of the new trolleybuses will be fitted with batteries, allowing them to operate up to 4 km off the catenary.

Since early 2014, the local trolleybus lines 70 and 78 have not used the turning loop on Kossuth Lajos Avenue in front of the parliament, instead terminating at the end of Kálmán Imre Street at a new terminus called Honvéd utca. The reversal is completed by way of a triangle with the aid of additional staff, in order to help the de-wiring and re-wiring process.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

Top: The new Solaris/Skoda vehicles will replace the older generation of about 80 Ikarus articulated trolleys. These more than 25-year old units still look good visually but have become operationally unreliable, especially with regards to the onboard electronics. In this image, the stranded articulated trolley 241 is being passed by the 12-years younger Ikarus single unit 708. Photo: Jürgen Lehmann
Bottom: At the terminus Honvéd utca the roughly 20-years old Ikarus/Kiepe trolley 312 is seen reversing by running over Kozma Ferenc Street. Photo: Andras Ekkert

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