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Ostrava [CZ] - 12 new trolleys on order

J. Lehmann - 29.12.14

According to an announcement in the Official Journal of the European Union dating from 23 October 2014, Skoda Electric has been contracted for the delivery of 12 new trolleybuses. 6 will be 12 m long and 6 will be 18 m in length. Production is expected to be completed by late 2015. This order has been made after a previous call for tenders was cancelled in January 2014.

The 120th anniversary of public transport in the Ostrava conurbation was celebrated on 13 September 2014. These festivities provided public access to the Martinov and Poruba depots, where the local company Ekova Electric a.s. is based. Numerous historic trams and vintage trolleybuses offered public excursions, including the Tatra T400/IIIA trolleybus Nr. 26 (built in 1954) and the Skoda 8Tr Nr. 29 (1958) paired with the Karosa type B 40 trailer Nr. 141. The Skoda 9Tr Nr. 82 from 1977 was on static display.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

Coinciding with the introduction of the new timetable concept on 1 September 2013, the reconstruction of the station square at Ostrava hl. n. was also successfully completed and re-opened for regular bus services. Presently the four trolleybus lines 101, 102, 106 and 108 use the balloon loop there, which was purposefully widened to feature three lanes. Photos: J. Lehmann, 2.10.2014

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