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Winterthur [CH] - Historic trolleybus back in operating condition

K. Budach - 06.10.14

After being mothballed for many years, the first articulated trolleybus in Winterthur has been attractively refurbished and brought back to life. Originally delivered in 1958, trolley Nr. 101 was one of five articulated buses that ran reliably in the city until late 1989. Produced by the consortium of FBW/SWS Schlieren/Oerlikon, the type GTr51 vehicle is now the oldest articulated trolleybus in Switzerland, as the original series prototype that was delivered to Zürich in 1957 and withdrawn in 1974, got scrapped in 1986.

On 12 September 2014, Nr. 101 completed its first trials on the Winterthur network. These also served authorization purposes and the new operating license is expected to be issued in early November. It is then intended to use Nr. 101 for special public services during the Christmas season and to make it available for charter hire. Obviously the regular deployment of such an aesthetically pleasing historic vehicle adds much to the quality and character of public transportation in Winterthur and can be seen as a real PR boon.

In other trolleybus news in the city, the new catenary at the Waldegg turning loop is expected to be completed by mid October. Starting in December 2014, the loop will be used again by services on line 22. These boost operations on line 2 during peak hours.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

Top: The first trials of Nr. 101 on 12 September 2014, following 25 years out of use. Photo: Mattis Schindler
Bottom: The vintage trolleybus will be used by the local operator for the popular and specially themed „Fairytale Bus“ services during the Advent season. The PR images to advertise this service have now already been made. Photo: Stadtbus Winterthur