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Haskovo/Chaskowo [BG] - Cascaded trolleys delivered

J. Lehmann - 06.04.15

The town of Haskovo has acquired several pre-used trolleybuses from other Bulgarian cities. From the network in Varna, the three Skoda 14Tr 057, 079 and 172 dating from 1985 have been purchased. These became superfluous there following the introduction of the brand-new Skoda 26Tr units. Two additional Skoda 14Tr originally from Szeged have already been in Haskovo since 2008, following a complete overhaul to extend their life-cycle.

From the Bulgarian network in Pleven, three older ZiU 682 have been obtained. Formerly numbered as 129 and 150, they are now designated as 1014 and 1015 in Haskovo and have been in revenue service there since February 2015. The third bus of the lot has already been scrapped, following the removal of all reusable spare parts. Trolleybuses have been running in this Central Bulgarian city with a population of some 90 000 residents since 1990. Initially 10 Russian-built trolleys covered all of the local revenue services. With the latest series of vehicle cascades, efforts have been made to “rejuvenate” the fleet in an affordable manner.

A Skoda 14Tr trolley from Varna arrives in Haskovo on 3 February 2015. Press photo from:

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