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Zlin [CZ] - Three new low-floor trolleybuses

J. Lehmann - 06.10.14

On 29 and 30 September, Skoda delivered another three new trolleybuses to Zlin. Specifically, these are:

1 articulated trolley with an auxiliary diesel drive, type Irisbus/Skoda 25 Tr, Nr. 412
1 single trolley trolley with an auxiliary diesel drive, type Irisbus/Skoda 24 Tr, Nr. 219
1 articulated trolley with air-conditioning, type Solaris/Skoda 27 Tr, Nr. 459

Just like the nine new trolleybuses which were supplied in 2013 and the four units which were delivered in March and June 2014, the latest lot of modern, low-floor trolleybuses has been financed by EU regional development subsidies to the tune of 75%. From the newest series, 20 trolleybuses have now already been delivered by Skoda and the remaining five are expected to arrive in Zlin by early January 2015. The average purchase price per articulated trolley is 14.5 million CZK (about 530 000 Euros) or 11.4 million (415 000 Euros) per single unit. Following the installation of the electronic passenger information system, the three newest vehicles successfully entered revenue service on 1 October 2014. Therefore the local operator DSZO now features a modern low-floor fleet consisting of 22 single units and 21 articulated trolleybuses.

Eventually older units will be withdrawn as a result of the new arrivals, although this is not likely to happen immediately. Of the 19 remaining Skoda 15 Tr units, the buses 345, 355 and 356 are presently non-operational, as their passenger information systems have been uninstalled. The two older Skoda 14 Tr buses are also out of services, although Nr. 170 is likely to be preserved as a heritage vehicle. Only 10 Skoda 15 Tr trolleybuses will remain on the Moravian network in the near future and it is expected that they will be limited to booster services during peak hours on lines 2 and 6. These services only circulate in the neighboring town of Otrokovice, on the western periphery of the expansive Zlin conurbation.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

Top: On 3 October, Skoda/Solaris unit Nr. 459 is seen during its first days of revenue service on line 2.
Bottom: 2 October 2014 was just the second day in public service for the new articulated unit Nr. 219, which is seen on its approach to the local depot, following deployment on line 9 for early rush hour services. Photos. J. Lehmann

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