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Burgas [BG] - First Skoda 26Tr in revenue service

J. Lehmann - 30.06.14

After the first of 22 type Tr26 trolleybuses entered revenue service in Burgas in mid May, more units followed in June. On 10 June 2014, another four trolleys arrived in the Bulgarian city by rail; they had been dispatched from the Skoda works in Plzen, Czech Republic. The new buses were immediately unloaded and used their auxiliary motors to reach the Burgas depot. Merely two days later, on 12 June, the vehicles already received their operating permits and entered revenue service on 14 June 2014.

The first bus got the local designation number 13339 and this classification pattern has also been applied to the successive vehicles in the series. Four more type 26Tr trolleys then arrived on 16 June and another five on 23 June.

Of the older articulated trolleybuses in the city, which had been acquired second-hand from Switzerland, 12 units were still in active service as of early June. Aside from the 10 Volvo/Hess/Schenk/Siemens type B 58 buses built in 1975, also the nearly 50-year old type Bema 4 GTP-A units 15209 and 15242 from Winterthur were operational. Another former Winterthur unit, 15253, was idle at the depot. With the introduction of the new Skoda fleet and the start of the summer timetable period, these three vintage Swiss vehicles will be decommissioned. Until now, they have been the oldest active trolleybuses in Europe.

Top: Solaris/Skoda26Tr Nr.13339 is seen in revenue service on line T1 in Burgas.
Bottom: Using its auxiliary motor, the second 26Tr unit actively maneuvers itself off of the loading ramp at the Burgas railway station. Pictures: Dr. Werner Söffing