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Lausanne [CH] - First trial runs on extended line

J. Lehmann - 01.09.14

In order to celebrate the opening of Lausanne’s latest trolleybus network extension, a small public festival has been announced for 13 September 2014 at the Renens railway station. The lengthened line 25 now terminates near the station, at a purpose-built traffic rotary at the intersection of Avenue du Tir-Fédéral and the Chemin des Glycines. Inaugural festivities are expected to last from 11:00 – 15:00 on 13 September, before two days later public services will start.

During the first few days of September, the final phases of the project were being completed, including night-time trial runs and adjustment sessions for the newly mounted catenary. The installation of the power lines was successfully completed in late August, aided by suspended summer services of the metro line m1, which made it possible to hang the trolleybus wires over the railway level crossing at Route de Chavannes. Originally m1 services were expected to resume after a six-week pause on 21 August, but because of a short circuit overload and fire at the Unil-Dorigny stop, the substantial technical damage forced a delay until mid September. Till then, replacement buses will continue to cover for m1 light rail services.

A new timetable for the extended line 25 has already been published and adjustments have been made to the timings of the bus routes 32 and 33, which also terminate on the south side of Renens station. The m1 stop Bourdonnette will no longer be served by trolleybuses, even though the catenary will remain in place there. Instead, a new trolley stop Bourdonnette nord has been placed on the Route de Chavannes, situated approx. 8-9 minutes travel time from the new terminus Glycines in Renens. According to the new timetable for line 25, an 11-minute interval will be in effect during rush hour, a 16 -17-minute frequency during other daytime hours and a 15-minute service pattern in the evenings. This operational plan will thus require between 4 and 7 trolleybuses to run the circuit.
(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

Top: On 4 July 2013, the old catenary layout is still apparent. A SwissTrolley unit can be seen next to the m1 stop Bourdonnette, running towards Pully Gare.
Bottom: As of 10 August 2014, the new catenary is already in place, but because of a temporary traffic block at the m1 level crossing, the trolleybuses could only approach the Bourdonnette terminus by using their auxiliary diesel drive. Photos: Gerard Donze

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