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Lecce [IT] - Third trolleybus line in service as part of the summer timetable!

J. Lehmann - 07.07.14

Coinciding with the start of the new summer timetable, which is valid from 12 June – 7 September 2014, regular trolleybus services have finally also started on line 27 to Ecotecne. Therefore the City of Lecce now features three different trolleybus lines in public service. According to the reduced summer timetable, line 27 is operated by only three buses which run every 20 minutes until 13:30 and then every 30 minutes afterwards. During the school holidays from 26 July – 31 August, this pattern will be reduced even further to a mere 60-minute interval. On line 29, the service pattern will also be slashed, but buses will still run every 20 minutes before 13:30 and every 40 minutes in the afternoon and evening. The 40-minute interval also applies to the ring line 30, while line 31, which runs counterclockwise along the ring, won’t operate at all during the summer.

Meanwhile, political debate over the trolleybus operation continues. According to one opposition politician, the total amount of money spent on the trolleybus system thus far would have allowed the construction of a local airport. The original intention of the political decision-makers that actually had the Lecce trolleybus network built, however, continues to be ignored. Instead of offering a clean and green public transportation service with a high frequency of connections, the trolleybus timetable is continuously worsened and rationalized to a mere minimum. No wonder that passenger numbers and revenue from fares have not materialized as predicted. One can only hope that the economically sensible operation on line 27 will help turn the tide and reverse the previous trend. During the university semester and at peak hours, the now electric line 27 will operate with a very competitive 8-minute interval.

Translation: Andrew Thompson

Lecce trolleybus 011 is seen in service on line 29, before rewiring. Although this line is completely electrified and runs through the city center, it uses the nearby bus station “City Terminal” to terminate services and reverse vehicles. Incidentally, also line 27 terminates there. Photo: Jürgen Lehmann, 01.04.2014.

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