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Luzern [CH] - First 1ER presented

J. Lehmann - 12.06.14

On 12 June 2014, the municipal operator vbl presented the first of nine new, double-articulated trolleybuses to the public. According to a vbl press release, these state-of-the-art trolleybuses will become an iconic fixture on the streets of Luzern and Kriens, thanks to their dynamic design and updated livery. The first unit is expected to enter revenue service during June on the flagship line 1 (Kriens – Luzern – Maihof) and the other eight trolleys are likely to follow by October 2014. The new buses will help replace the older consists on line 1, which still use trailer formations.

Ursula Wechsler, Verkehrsbetriebe Luzern AG (vbl)

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