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Usti nad Labem [CZ] - First new articulated trolleybus from Skoda Electric

K. Budach - 23.06.14

During an open works day at Skoda in Plzen, the first of 10 new articulated trolleybuses for the North Bohemian city of Usti nad Labem was also on display. Delivery to Usti is expected to take place shortly. The vehicle is a part of an order for 26 new buses, which includes 10 articulated units of the 27Tr type and 16 six-wheelers of the 28Tr make. While Skoda is supplying the electric traction equipment, Solaris is building the coach bodies. These spacious and modern buses will help renew the municipal fleet in Usti nad Labem and will eventually replace the older type 15Tr trolleys that Skoda supplied during the early 1990s. The present order for the 26 new trolleybuses for Usti nad Labem was only just placed in February 2014, following lengthy discussions amongst local politicians.

On 7 June 2014, as part of a widely promoted „day of open doors“, Skoda presented the first new articulated trolleybus for Usti nad Labem to the wider public. Photo: Dagmar Braunová (

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