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Parma [IT] - One more trolleybus on order

J. Lehmann - 20.10.14

On 11 August 2014, the municipal operator TEP SpA placed orders with Van Hool for one more articulated trolleybus of the ExquiCity type. According to the EU Official Journal, the acquisition is valued at 421.735 Euros, without VAT. This latest unit will complement the earlier series of 9 Van Hool ExquiCity in Parma, which have been in public service since April 2014. The addition of a 10th bus will increase operational reliability and timetable stability on the busy line 5, which requires 8 vehicles to run the circuit.

Due to construction works at the Ponte di Mezzo and the application of a new layer of concrete there, the bridge was completely closed to all four trolleybus lines from 28 July onwards. Because the diversion required running over the Ponte Caprazucca some 500 m away, all trolleybus lines temporarily had to be operated with diesel vehicles. Even though the bridge improvement works were scheduled to have been completed by mid August, regular trolleybus services with ExquiCity units on line 5 did not re-commence until 1 September. The re-introduction of electric services on lines 3 and 4 took even longer, due to canalization works in the Crocetta neighborhood. Presently, line 1 serves the new bus stops that were opened in May 2014 right below the refurbished railway station. Once the extended catenary has been fitted there, trolleybus services are expected to start in November 2014.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

Several of the Menarini 201 LF/Tibb single units dating from 1986 will be retained in Parma. From this series, the trolleys 032, 033, 036 and 039 have been fitted with electronic destination displays. On 29 March 2014, 039 can be seen at the Via Mordacci terminus on line 4. Photo: J. Lehmann

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