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Sao Paulo (EMTU) [BR] - Modernization program for 25-year-old Marcopolo trolleybuses

K. Budach - 09.06.14

The 22 high-floor trolleybuses of the 7047-7068 series have consistently proven their reliability and therefore the local operator Metra has decided to modernize the vehicles in order to extend their service life. In late April, work was completed on the first two buses 7058 and 7067. These units have now already returned to revenue service with a refreshed interior and comprehensively overhauled electronics. The external livery has also been updated.

Originally, all 22 trolleybuses of the 7047-7068 series were delivered in 1988 by the consortium of Scania/Marcopolo/Powertronics for the new system in Belo Horizonte, which never was completed. After being mothballed for several years, 22 of the 42 units went to Sao Paulo in 1996, where the previous operator Electrobus used them on the municipal network SP Trans. Classified as 7850-7871 in Sao Paulo, they were passed on the suburban network EMTU just one year later. The remaining 20 of the originally 42 Marcopolo trolleys went to Rosario, Argentina in 1993. Those units have also benefited from recent refurbishment.

Translation: Andrew Thompson

Running on line 288P, the modernized trolleybus 7058 is seen in the new Metra livery. All photos: Samuel Tuzi