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Sao Paulo (SPT) [BR] - Comprehensive catenary renewal continues

K. Budach - 16.06.14

After years of inactivity, the power lines of the municipal operator SP Trans are now finally getting overhauled. The renewal work is being completed in different phases and is expected to last until 2015.

The infrastructure of the local trolleybus network in Sao Paulo is in dire need of modernization. Since the partial privatization and fragmentation of public transportation in the metropolis, structural deficiencies and maintenance neglect have become more and more apparent. Until 1985, both the network infrastructure and the vehicle fleet were managed by the municipal authority CMTC. Then, the network and power supply were transferred to the state-run company Electropaulo. Since the privatization of Electropaulo, the lack of network maintenance has become a continuous problem. With little or no public intervention on behalf of the public transportation system, the decline continued for several years. In 1994, bus operations were also privatized and divided amongst the three companies Imperial (later Viação Santo Amaro), Transbraçal and Eletrobus (later Himalaia).

Finally in 2009, the network and infrastructure returned into public hands, which formed the organizational basis for the long overdue investment into system modernization. In a phase-by-phase approach, the entire network is now being renewed, starting with the most critical sections, which previously required particularly low driving speeds. It is expected that these measures will help significantly reduce trolley pole de-wiring and thereby increase operational reliability. Expanding the network by renewing the old catenary on sections that have been without trolleybus service for several years, is being considered as a medium-term option.

Nr. 1536, one of the impressive three-axle buses delivered in recent years, is seen in service on line 2290/10 near the Pr. da República. Photo: Samuel Tuzi

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