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Budapest [HU] - New tender for 10 articulated and 14 single trolleybuses issued

J. Lehmann - 21.07.14

On 21 June 2014, the public transport operator Budapesti Közlekedési Központ Zrt. (BKK) published a renewed call for tenders. The 10 articulated trolleys and 14 solo units will be funded through an EU program. The tender requires the new trolleybuses to be fitted with batteries in order to operate up to 4 km off the wires. The deadline for initial bids was extended from 19 July to 11 August 2014.

Already in 2013 an initial tender had been announced, but the only bids from the Russian company TrolZa and the Czech/Polish consortium of Skoda /Solaris were declared invalid in October 2013.

Because the service frequency on several of the trolleybus lines in Budapest has been reduced, less vehicles are now required and several articulated Ikarus buses dating from the late 1980s have already been withdrawn. Units 202 and 232 were decommissioned in mid 2013, while 205, 206, 211 and 234 followed suit in early 2014. With Nr. 310, even one Ikarus type 435 bus dating from 1996 has been taken out service as well.

Line 81 remains the busiest trolleybus route in Budapest, although the service frequency has been reduced to a 3-minute interval. Lines 70, 72 and 78 also operate less frequently, although the trolleys still do run every 5-7 minutes during peak hours. Line 73 has been reduced to a 15-minute pettern at rush hour and a 20-minute interval during other service periods.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

Top: Line 70 runs every 10 minutes off-peak and every 6-7 minutes during rush hour. Today the line is served by articulated trolleybuses, although this picture from March 2007 still shows the single units that formerly ran on the line and provided a 5-minute service interval during much of the day.

Bottom: From the original series of 15 type 435 Ikarus trolleybuses, Nr. 310 is now the first vehicle to have been withdrawn. In March 2007 the bus is still seen in service on line 80. Photos: J. Lehmann.

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