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Dayton [US] - First DUAL trolleys arrive

K. Budach - 17.11.14

The first of the new „DUAL“ trolleys arrived in Dayton on 19 September 2014 and started trials shortly afterwards. The second unit reached the city on 5 November. In total, the delivery of four such buses is expected. Two are fitted with auxiliary diesel drives and two have powerful battery packs. The first two buses to have arrived are both fitted with diesel motors. They will be classified as 1401 and 1402. The battery/electric DUO trolleys are expected to arrive by December.

The vehicles are being produced by the consortium of Vossloh Kiepe (electric equipment), Gillig (bus body) and BAE (diesel drives). If all of the trial runs go to plan, 1401 is expected to enter revenue service in January 2015 as a booster vehicle on line 7. Once enough operational experience as well as performance data have been gathered, it will be decided if the diesel/electric or battery/electric design will be ordered wholesale for the replacement of the older ETI high floor trolleys. At present, only 25 of the original 54 are in running order and the series is slated for withdrawal within the coming 3 years.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

The first two DUAL units 1401 and 1402 are seen at the depot in Dayton.
Photo: rtm (

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