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Burgas [BG] - First new trolleybus arrives

K. Budach - 19.05.14

In early April, the first of 22 type 26Tr trolleybuses produced by Škoda and Solaris (coach body) for the Bulgarian city of Burgas completed its trials on the network of the municipal operator in Plzeň, Czech Republic. Aside from Burgas, the other Bulgarian cities of Varna, Pleven and Stara Zagora have ordered an additional 78 trolleys, as part of the joint procurement. The units for Burgas and Varna have been designed in a blue and white livery, including a number of different blue tones, while the Pleven buses sport a blue and yellow paint scheme that is almost identical to the 26Tr trolleys delivered to Sofia. The trolleybuses destined for Stara Zagora will be yellow with a blue roof.

The coach body of the first trolleybus destined for Burgas was transferred to Škoda Electric in March 2014. Following the last set of trials on 8 April 2014, the bus was then shipped by road to Burgas on 9 April; arriving there 16 days later. Already previously the series prototype had been delivered to Varna and seven new units were out-shipped to Pleven.

Until late June the delivery of the first 12 Burgas units is expected. The remaining 10 trolleybuses should then arrive to the city by late September 2014. The first new Burgas bus has now been fitted with the operating number 13339.

Source: Dagmar Braunová ( and Zdeněk Kresa (

Translation: Andrew Thompson

The first new trolleybus for Burgas on trials in Plzeň. Photo: Zdeněk Kresa

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