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Cordoba [AR] - Contract cancellation for new trolleybuses

K. Budach - 17.11.14

The previously announced delivery of 7 new trolleybuses by the Russian producer TROLZA will most likely not take place. The initially allocated funding for the acquisition has been withdrawn amidst political controversy and disagreement in Córdoba. The Russian company has therefore withdrawn from the contract. Two of the vehicles intended for Córdoba, however, have already been built. These will therefore be re-allocated within Russia, featuring the Argentinean livery and interior specification. According to unconfirmed rumors, the two trolleybuses are presently in Tula.

In Córdoba much of the debate has centered on the financial viability of such spending, given the country’s policy of economic austerity. Other voices have criticized the decision to buy foreign buses in light of the limited financial resources of the central government and the fact that there is also the domestic trolleybus producer Materfer, which operates a plant in Córdoba and has delivered new trolleys to Mendoza.

A 20-year old, modernized trolleybus is seen at the depot in Cordoba. This articulated unit was originally built in Russia. Photo: cordobatimes

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