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Lecce [IT] - Route 27 now running every 9 minutes

J. Lehmann - 03.11.14

As reported earlier, since 15 June 2014 the third municipal trolleybus line (line 27) has finally been operated by electric vehicles. With a length of some 9 km, this is actually the longest line of the network and connects the city center with the university campus at the terminus Ecotekne. While the very first trolleybus services on line 27 operated as part of the reduced summer timetable and therefore only ran every 20 minutes, since 8 September the current winter timetable has been in effect. This service pattern features a more intensive 9-minute interval in the morning and a 12-minute frequency after 14:00. On the return from the university campus to the city center, every second service calls as the Lecce railway station. The other services on line 27, which are branded as express buses, run straight through to City Terminal, which is also the terminus for line 29. Presently four vehicles are needed to run the circuit on line 27.

The service intensity on the trolleybus line 29 has now been further reduced, with a downgrade to a 20-minute interval in the morning and a 40-minute pattern after 14:00. The two ring lines 30 and 31 are still operated with just one trolleybus and only provide a ride every 40 minutes.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

The Lecce railway station is now served by all four trolleybus lines in the city. While line 29 terminates at this transport interchange, only every second service from line 27 calls on site. In this picture, trolleybus 004 is seen turning in front of the station building, while running on the ring line 30. Photo: J├╝rgen Lehmann, 01.04.14

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