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Saint Petersburg [RU] - New Trolleybuses from Different Suppliers

J. Lehmann - 17.02.14

In August 2013 Trolza was awarded a contract for the supply of 80 trolley buses to the St. Petersburg Public Transportation GUP "Gorelectrotrans". The total contract sum amounted to 675.2 million roubles, this gives a unit price of 8.44 million roubles (around € 173 thousand). The 80 low-floor 5265.00 "Megapolis" trolleybuses were delivered in October 2013 and were allocated to the depots as follows:

Depot 1: 30 units No. 1301-1330
Depot 2: 15 units No. 2500-2514
Depot 3: 15 units No. 3501-3515
Depot 5: 17 units No. 5200-5216
Depot 6: 3 units No. 6403-6405 (this depot also has Nos.6401-6402, the first two trolleybuses of this type, delivered in 2010.)
Another contract was with Transalfa. 37 low-floor VMZ 5298.01 "Avangard trolleybuses will be delivered within three years. Seven units will be delivered in 2014, 22 units in 2015 and 8 units in 2016. Under an earlier framework contract a total of 14 units have entered service since October 2013 (Nos.6845-58).
Overall, the VMZ 5298.01 "Avangard" model now totals 137 units in the overall fleet of about 700 units. So far, only six of the VMZ 62151 articulated trolleybuses ordered mid-2012 are in operation.,

Summary translation: Martin Wright

One of the 80 new low-floor 5265.00 "Megapolis" trolleybuses crosses the castle bridge in service on route 10. Photographer : Mikhail Chernysh, 12/08/2013

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