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Naryn [KG] - 20 years of Bishkek buses

J. Lehmann - 23.06.14

20 years ago, trolleybus services were extended along an east-west axis in the Kyrgyz city of Naryn. Initially, the local trolley route was just 4.6 km long and ran from the eastern terminus „Moskowski“ to the bus depot in the west of the city. Five trolleybuses were required to run the service, which allowed a 10-minute interval pattern. A total of seven used buses that had been cascaded from the capital city Bishkek made up the fleet. After these vehicles became life expired, operations came to a temporary halt in May 2008. The service interruption lasted through the summer of that year, before a further 2.1 km long extension to the new terminus „Raimilizija“ on the western periphery of Naryn was opened. In order to re-launch trolleybus services on the extended line, the city once again got old equipment and another two pre-used buses were obtained. Together with some additional second-hand units that had been acquired in 2003, enough units were in place to maintain a basic timetable offer with services every 20 minutes.

Until 2010, all buses in Naryn ran with their original vehicle numbers from Bishkek. Following a refit in 2010, the units were then renumbered as 007-011. Naryn 011 is actually the former Bishkek 2088; one of the standard ZiU 682 models.

In order to once again ensure fleet renewal, Naryn has most recently been supplied with four more buses from Bishkek in November 2013. These are comparatively modern and all date from 1994. Presently, there’s actually an even younger trolleybus in Naryn, as the former Bishkek unit 1508 dates from 2002. It has been in the city since September 2013 and helped replace the older units 007, 008 and 009.

This news item has been compiled with the kind help of the Trolleybus Magazine and its editor. The magazine appears every two months and reports on trolleybus operations from around the world. You may also find additional information about the Kyrgyz trolleybus networks under the following links: and

On 29 April 2014, trolleybus 1116 is seen in active service in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan. The unit has been in the city since late 2013. Photo: MBxd1 (