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Lausanne [CH] - Catenary construction for line 25 extension

J. Lehmann - 16.06.14

The brand new extension of line 25 from the present terminus Bourdonnette to Glycine at the Renens railway station will open to revenue service on 15 September 2014. The initially scheduled opening date at the end of the summer holidays had to be pushed back by three weeks, because the level crossing between the trolleybus lane and the M1 metro tracks will only get installed during mid August. From 7 July to 24 August various construction projects will actually force a cancellation of all M1 services between UNIL-Dorigny und Lausanne-Flon. This will make it easier to mount the new power lines during daytime hours. As of late May, 1 km of new wires had already been installed and during the past few weeks further progress has been made. What remains is the 200 m gap at the level crossing near Bourdonnette and the required tensioning of the power lines between Renens-Piscine and Glycines. For much of the way, the new trolleybus line follows the Rue du Léman and the Route de Chavannes. While the Bourdonnette station will remain connected to the urban trolleybus network, buses on line 25 will no longer call there.

In early 2014, more single units were taken out of service. On 28 January, Nr. 761 was decommissioned, followed by 721, 764, 762 and 770 in February. These five buses were previously used as spare parts donors and with the exception of 762 have now been scrapped. The latter has been preserved and transferred to the preservation society Rétrobus. During the past few years, this organization already acquired the former training vehicle as well as units 732 and 733.
Of the 30 single units, 754-758, 760, 768, 769 and 771-792 remain in active service. They are normally paired with the trailers of the 901-930 series to form coupled sets for use on the lines 7, 9 and 17. The four single trolleys 751-753 and 766 have already previously been converted to training vehicles but are occasionally still used as operational reserves. Together with the 62 Swisstrolleys, the Lausanne fleet now consists of 96 trolleybuses in total.

Above: On 13 June 2014, the first trial runs were completed under the new power lines between Bourdonnette-Nord and Renens Piscine using Swisstrolley 861. The bus was still operated without the use of electric traction. Photo: Gérard Donzé
Below: On the other side of the Renens station, every second service on line 17 uses a coupled bus set. In this picture dating from 31 May 2014, Nr. 758 is seen with its trailer. Photo: J. Lehmann

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