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Usti nad Labem [CZ] - Purchase of 26 New Trolleybuses Approved

K. Budach - 10.02.14

On 02.03.2014 the decision was announced to award a contract to the Škoda Electric/Solaris consortium for the procurement of 26 new trolleybuses. This followed long discussions about the acquisition of new trolleybuses. The contract is for 10 articulated type 27Tr units and 16 three-axle type 28Tr. Two of this latter type have already been in service for almost two years. Delivery is scheduled for 2015. They are expected to replace 25 Škoda Electric 15Tr articulated tbs, which have been in use for about 20 years.
This decision should represent a decisive step in the modernization of the current fleet which consists of 68 vehicles.
Translation: Martin Wright

One of the two impressive three-axle Škoda Electric/Solaris 28Tr on route 60 in May 2013. 16 more such cars are now being procured.
Photographer: Gunter Mackinger

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