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Luzern [CH] - Opening of 1.8 km Extension of Route 6 to Büttenen

J. Lehmann - 16.12.13

After nearly 10 years, the trolleybus network has received a further extension. The last extension was of trolleybus route 7, which was extended by 750m to Unterlöchli on 23.8.2004. Now trolleybus route 6 has been extended from the stop at Brüelstrasse by almost 2 km to Büttenen. Route 6 is now served by low-floor articulated trolleybuses at 10/ 15-minute intervals. On the 7 km section between Brüelstrasse and Schoenbuehl, which is shared with route 8, there is a combined frequency of 5 to 7½-minutes.
Articulated trolley buses 212 and 214 were decorated with flowers for the opening ceremony. Regular service only began with the new timetable change on Sunday, 15.12.2013.
With the new timetable from Sunday 15.12.13 route 4 is now operated by articulated trolleybuses every day with a 10-minute frequency. Previously it had been operated by two-axle trolleybuses every 7½-minutes. Due to the consequent higher demand for articulated trolleybuses, route 2 is mainly served by diesel buses and from early 2014 will be served entirely by diesels for two years during major construction works.
After completion of the construction, the introduction of a new trolleybus route 3 is planned. It will connect Emmenbrücke with Kriens, and will operate together with routes 1 and 2 to Pilatusplatz. Trolleybus route 1 will then run every 7 ½ minutes using double articulated trolleybuses instead of the current service , which is every 5-minutes using trolleybus and trailer units The first of the new Hess LighTram ordered for 2014 is expected in May.
In addition to the conversion to double articulated trolleybuses, route 1 is being extended to Ebikon and the service is to be speeded up by provision of reserved alignments. The introduction of the system using double articulated trolleybuses is called "Rbus" and will offer a standard of service similar to trams. The aim is to reduce the journey time from Kriens to Maihof or Ebikon by 10% and to match the running time in the rush hour that in the off-peak and thus to achieve an increase in reliability. Through these steps, the transport authority hopes to increase the number of passengers by 5%.

Summary translation: Martin Wright

Top: ribbon-cutting on Büttenenstrasse by Councillor Adrian Borgula, director of the VBL Norbert Schmassmann and the Managing Director of the Transport Authority, Daniel Meier. Photographer : Christian Zumsteg
Middle: The two festively decorated trolley buses 212 and 214 on Büttenenstrasse. Source : VBL (Public Transportation Lucerne)
Below: Last day of use of two-axle trolleybuses without a trailer coupling. Trolleybuses 254, 258, 259 and 269 now serve as a source of spare parts, a sale of some two-axle vehicles is being considered.
Photographer: Roman Zai

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