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Genève [CH] - Beautiful Curves for Comfort

J. Lehmann - 02.12.13

According to an announcement on the TPG website the first new trolleybuses ordered in early 2013 from VanHool /Vossloh Kiepe are expected in December. The new low-floor vehicles will allow easy access for all passengers and especially for persons with reduced mobility or with prams/strollers. The vehicles have a large floor area and have a quiet interior. Externally the trolleybuses catch the eye because of their original design: the 18.61m long trolleybuses have a separate driver's compartment and the first door is located just behind the front axle. The vehicle has an unladen weight of 18.1 tons. The trolleybuses are scheduled to be delivered by the spring of 2014 and will carry fleet numbers from 1601 to 1633.

The second of the new trolleybuses has been tested in Solingen since late in the evening of 8.11.13, after trials of its new EBS4 braking system had been successfully completed at the Wabco test site in Jeversen. In Solingen the programme includes live testing of the two-axle drive along with the new EBS braking and the Vossloh Kiepe traction battery. In addition, the suitability of the articulation joint for the two-axle drive is being tested by Van Hool in Solingen.
The return journey to Van Hool in Lier is planned for 6:12:13. There it will receive its final interior fitting-out and will then be delivered to Geneva as the second vehicle at the turn of the year. The first vehicle is expected in Geneva in the first week of December. Acceptance tests for the mechanical and electrical sspects will then be conducted by the Swiss regulatory authorities.
The trolleybuses are equipped with Vossloh Kiepe traction batteries, which are dimensioned for alternative drive and autonomous working. An empty vehicle can cover a maximum distance of 7 km on the level without recharging. Battery life depends on the frequency of use and the degree of discharge. Reliable information can only be obtained during operation of the vehicles. The batteries will therefore be continuously monitored by Kiepe via GSM during the first year of operation to obtain more detailed information on its operational behaviour and for maintenance purposes.
The new trolleybus generation is featured in the Unireso transport authority publicity for the timetable change under the heading "Beautiful curves for comfort! ". Apart from the renaming of the stop at Cimetière (cemetry) to "Cimetière Saint-Georges" there are no changes on the trolleybus system.

Translation: Martin Wright

Test drives in Solingen for the second VanHool trolleybus for Geneva, at the depot (top) and at the terminus at Burg railway station, which has been served since 2009 by Swisstrolleys running on diesel power.
Source: Vossloh Kiepe, see also the press release in the following link:

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