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Riga [LV] - Route 27 Extended

J. Lehmann - 16.12.13

At the timetable change on 09.02.2013 trolleybus route 27 was extended beyond the previous terminus at Abolu iela via Ozolciema iela to the Ziepniekkalna housing estate, which is also the terminus of route 19. The prolonged trolleybus route 27 replaces bus route 42. The new 2.1 km long is operated using the auxiliary motor, as is the 1.2 km section to the station square from Akmens bridge. Route 27 runs three times an hour, and at peak times up to 5 times an hour. The Skoda 24Tr two-axle trolleybuses (built 2007-2009) are used. Originally 90 of the 180 units were supplied with a diesel engine, 22 others were retrofitted with a diesel between late 2010 and early 2011.
The first of the 125 Solaris / Škoda 27Tr articulated trolley buses are in production. Currently, the fleet consists of 93 articulated trolleybuses (52 Solaris; 8 BKM; and 33 Škoda 15Tr), which are used on the heavily used routes 15, 22 from depot 1 and routes 17, 23 and 25 from depot 2. On weekends they are also used on routes 18, 19 and 24. On work days route 15 runs up to 21 times per hour at peak times route 22 between 15 and 17 times hourly and routes 17, 19 and 23 up to 15 times every hour. Route 3 is also frequent with 5 minute intervals at peaks.
The operator Rigas satiksme carried out a written auction in late October 2013 to dispose about 20 disused trolleybuses and 30 trams. A few months before could in this way already 10 trams and 10 trolleybuses were sold in this way.
Translation: Martin Wright
Photo: Of the once over 300 Škoda 14Tr in operation, only nine remain in use. Here is no.24203 on route 25 on 28/10/2013 .
Photographer : Karl Kristian Grambergs

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