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Lausanne [CH] - Trolleybus Fleet Exceeds 100 Units

J. Lehmann - 23.12.13

At the beginning of December 2013 HESS AG and Vossloh Kiepe delivered the last of the order for 27 SwissTrolley4 to TL. After the delivery of five units (866-870) at the end of 2012, units 871-892 followed from September 2013 and all were in service by the end of December.
The last five two-axle trolleybuses built in 1984 (Nr.740, 744, 746, 748 and 749) and the last three high-floor trailers (962, 964 and 973) have been taken out of service. 30 low-floor trailers (901 to 930) remain in service. The two-axle trolleybuses 721 and 722 from 1982, which were refitted as driving trainer trolleybuses, will be withdrawn in early 2014, while two-axle NAW / Hess / SAAS trolleybuses (Nr.751-753) from 1986 are currently are being converted to driving school trolleybuses.
The trolleybus fleet currently comprises 102 units: in addition to 62 Swisstrolleys (831-892) there are 40 two-axle trolleybuses (Nr.721-722, 751-758, 760-764, 766, 768-792).
With the commissioning of the Swisstrolleys, trolleybus routes 4 and 25 are normally operated by articulated trolleybuses. The overhead construction for the extension of trolleybus route 25 from Bourdonnette to Renens began in autumn of 2013. The opening is planned for the end of the school holidays in August 2014.

Translation: Martin Wright

Top: Swisstrolleys have now displaced trolleybus and trailer trains on route 2. Here is SwissTrolley4 at the terminus Maladière-Lac. Photographer :. Gérard Donzé
Below: The future driving school trolleybus, 753, which received its first registration on 27.6.86, operated along with its sister vehicles 751 and 752 in their first years on the interurban trolleybus route 20. It is in use here with the now decommissioned trailer 973 on 24.09.87. Photographer : J. Lehmann
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