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Krasnodar [RU] - 160 New Trolleybuses planned by 2016

J. Lehmann - 09.12.13

Speaking at the launch of ten new TrolZa 5275.03 "Optima" trolleybuses at Depot 2 on 08/30/2013, the Vice-Governor and Minister of Finance and the Head of Public Transport announced the procurement of 160 new trolleybuses in the period from 2013 to 2016. During this period 105 trams and 40 buses will also be acquired and there will also be a general overhaul of 110 tramcars in the period 2013-2015.

Besides the 10 TrolZa trolleybuses that were allocated to Depot 2 with fleet numbers 267-276, Depot 2 has also received eight SVARZ/MAZ-6275 units (Nos.277-284). Eight units of this type were also allocated to Depot 1 with fleet numbers No. 189-196. The trolleybuses are assembled at the Sokolniki (Moscow) vehicle factory and consist of components from the Belarusian company MAZ. Depot 1 also received ten Trans Alfa VMZ 5298.01 "Avangard" trolleybuses (nos. 179-188). All new trolleybuses are equipped with air conditioning, some now also allow free internet access. In contrast to the TrolZa trolleybuses, which were delivered by rail in 2010 the delivery of the remaining trolleybuses has been by road either on low loaders or by towing.
Numerous ZiUs dating from 1984 -91, including 014, 024, 209 and 330 have been withdrawn. Moreover coupled unit 079/080, (built 1991) has been withdrawn, as was coupled unit 106 +107 in 2012 so that there are now only three coupled units in use, consisting of two ZiU682s (Nr.093 +094, 114 +115 and 116 +117).

About 200 trolleybuses continue to operate 19 trolleybus routes (routes 1-16, 20, 21 and 31).

Translation: Martin Wright

A SVARZ/MAZ-277 trolleybus in service on route 20 on 06.12.2013. Photographer: Valeriy Rozhkov

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