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Lublin [PL] - More New Trolleybuses Delivered in 2013

J. Lehmann - 23.12.13

In December 2013 the last twelve of the 20 Solaris trolleybuses were delivered. They were given fleet numbers 3882-3893, but are not expected to enter service until January 2014. The first eight units entered service in September 2013. For the first time in Lublin they have a diesel engine for operation away from the overhead.

The first eight units replaced diesel buses on the new route 758 from the 1.9.13. This route is an extension of trolleybus route 158 to a new terminus at Felin. Since the power supply for the new 2.6 km long route has not yet been proved, the overhead cannot be used yet. Route 758 runs weekdays every 20 minutes, it is increased to a 10-minute service over the section of route 158.
Also on 1.10.2013 trolleybus route 153 was extended by around 2 km beyond the previous terminus Majdanek and now ends at the turning loop at the roundabout Grygowej / Pancerniak√≥w. The new route passes the bus depot at Maidan Tatarski and the new trolleybus depot, which is under construction. The previous terminal loop at Majdanek was abandoned and trolleybuses now turn at the roundabout Droga Męczennik√≥w Majdanka / Hieronima Dekutowskiego.
After a delay and some difficulties the first five Ursus/Bogdan T701 trolleybuses (fleet numbers 3894-3898) entered scheduled service on the 19:12:13. The first acceptance test at the beginning of December 2013 failed, which was reported in the press on 8.12.2013 at length. However, the many shortcomings were resolved promptly and the first five of the 38 trolleybuses, which are from joint Polish/Ukrainian production, entered service in 2013.
In contrast to the acquisitions in 2013, only one Jelcz PR110T built in 1988 (No. 3752) was taken out of service. Therefore, the trolleybus fleet currently comprises 76 units for regular service, including 16 high-floor Jelcz PR110T trolleybuses (delivered 1987 to 1991).

Translation: Martin Wright

Low-floor trolleybus 3896 on the first day of operation.
Source: Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne w Lublinie (MPK)

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